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Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Time for Outdoor Garden Events

Summertime lends itself to spending more time outside. Family barbecues and summer parties are always a big hit. Having a patio with great garden furniture can set the stage for a successful event. Stylish and comfortable garden furniture is a must for your next summer party.

The Basics


Working in the soil

It is time to pull the furniture out and take a look at its current condition and style. Things to check are:

The condition of the structure: It is important to check the furniture for rotten wood or signs of rust. Some pieces may need to have wood replaced or the metal sanded. Also, check to see if the hardware that holds the piece together is in good condition. It is good to replace any rusty screws or bolts.

How the furniture looks: The furniture may need a new paint job if you see flaking. Paint helps waterproof your pieces and will give it a longer life. Also choosing a new color scheme may give your furniture a new look without having to replace it. New cushions and a new paint job can go a long way to refreshing your outdoor furniture. If you use an umbrella at your table for shade, check to see that it is not faded, tattered, or torn.

Refreshing your garden flower beds With a few gardening tools and color coordinated annuals, this would be a spectacular addition to your outdoor make-over. For fun, choose annuals that accent your new color scheme and maintain blooms for most of the season. Remember, a few contrasting color annuals will make your beds POP!

Other outdoor accents include garden sculptures, water accents such as fountains or fish ponds, wind chimes, gazing balls, and fire pits. Some garden flags can add a seasonal touch. A built-in grill is nice but they can be pricey. Portable grills should be stored out of the weather when not in use.

Different Yard Garden Styles

It is popular to give your outdoor entertaining area a style or theme. This is a great way to exercise your creativity and make your area unique. Some styles lend themselves to entertaining and would be a hit at your next summer party. Other styles are for those who like privacy and quiet times.

Entertaining styles: If you have family and friends that visit frequently, you might consider creating an outdoor great room complete with weatherproof couch and chairs, outdoor fireplace and weatherproof dining table and chairs. Another idea is to create an outdoor full kitchen and bar complete with sinks, refrigerator, ovens and grill tops. Remember to include lots of counter space. Benches built around the edge of your patio space can lend itself to lots of seating for minimal expense.

Tucked Away Spaces: Creating a tranquil meditation or reading station might be just the ticket if you lead a hectic life. Gather a comfortable wicker chair, side table, and small rug to make a cozy spot in the shade. You might want to add a water feature. A small round table with four folding chairs in a shady spot could be a great conversation area. It is also suitable for a game table. This is perfect for chess or poker.

Adding ambiance to your outdoor area is easy and affordable. Try candles, strings of small lights, Chinese lanterns, and solar lights to create a soft touch to the lighting. Some fragrant herbs and flowers, such as lavender or roses, can add to the mood you are creating.

It is time to get out the gardening tools, paint brush, and thinking cap to create the outdoor entertaining space you and your family will enjoy.

If you don’t want to be doing it yourself you can look for a totally different kind of furniture or decoration at an art gallery. This is getting more and more popular to go for. More art in the garden is something that we appreciate a lot and

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    Caroline Horwood-Smart

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